Skategarden Park Expansion Design

Sebastopol, California

Client:  City of Sebastopol, Planning Department

The City of Sebastopol retained Questa for design of a skate park expansion to provide additional green space to offset the extensive paved area within the park, and to provide opportunities for shade, infiltration and stormwater retention, art, and accessible paths. The park was sustainably designed with:

  • Hardscape features in harmony with existing furniture, materials, themes and setting;
  • Landscape palette featuring low-water use, natives, and edible plantings where feasible;
  • Art incorporated into the site, in keeping with existing themes;
  • Focal point, shade trellis and other features;
  • Native grass meadow;
  • Barrier-free circulation;
  • Provisions for service needs for well, maintenance access, site bioretention, infiltration and runoff;
  • Passive solar options for site infrastructure;
  • Drinking fountain, play equipment, and other improvements.

The project included community meetings to solicit input.  Questa prepared final PS&Es for bidding and construction.