Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge at San Antonio Creek

Client:  Ventura County Parks and Recreation Department

The Ojai Valley Trail crosses San Antonio Creek approximately a quarter mile north of the community of Casitas Springs in Ventura County. The existing crossing, a reinforced concrete culvert with four barrels, was designed to pass low flows with larger flows going over the top, through a saddle in the paved trail. This facility had not functioned well, requiring frequent maintenance and creating safety concerns for users of the trail.  In the winter of 2005/2006 the Ventura River adjusted its course and began eroding portions of the trail and crossing.

Questa prepared engineering designs for a new bridge crossing.  The 480-foot-long bridge is multiple span and includes six structural/abutment features. Questa’s work included review of site history, hydrology/hydraulics, biology, geology, and geomorphology, base map coordination, geotechnical analysis, and preparation of Plans, Specifications, and Cost Estimate (PS&E).

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