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Antelope Creek Wildlife Crossing Repair

Client:  US Fish and Wildlife Service

The Paynes Creek crossing on Antelope Creek within the California Department of Fish & Game (CDFG) Tehama Wildlife Area was a barrier at certain flows for adult spring-run and fall-run Chinook salmon.  The crossing was a shallow ford through the streambed constructed of metal sheet plate and grates.  Questa, working with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the CDFG, recommended a clear-span bridge to replace the existing low-flow crossing. Questa compiled basic information on the existing conditions of the site, including initial environmental and engineering studies that quantified the hydrologic and hydraulic environment, investigated the existing geomorphic pattern of the stream, and documented any significant structural constraints.

Questa completed the project description and the draft California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Study Checklist and a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment. Questa also prepared a Biological Assessment, Geotechnical Report, and all waterway regulatory permit applications, including Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish & Game, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The project was  constructed with a total design and construction cost of $100,000 and $1.2 million, respectively.